Corpus Christi

A variety of processions are held in the Blue Land on Corpus Christi.

Fronleichnam Seehausen Seeprozession
Fronleichnam Seehausen Seeprozession - © Florian Werner

Lake Procession at Staffelsee

In the neighbouring municipality of Seehausen, the tradition is that after Holy Mass the festive procession is convoyed on a ferry to the island of Wörth in the Staffelsee, accompanied by many small boats with the festively attired faithful. There the community proceeds to the altar in the St. Simpert Chapel on the hill. The Lake Procession at Staffelsee is the only one in Bavaria.

Corpus Christi procession in Murnau

In accordance with Bavarian tradition, a procession is also held in Murnau after Holy Mass on Corpus Christi day. The festively attired members of the parish, the children celebrating their first communion and clubs in their traditional costumes follow the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament, which the pastor carries under a “canopy” to the 4 altars in the town. According to tradition, these altars are located in front of the 4 breweries. Participants sing and pray.