Wassertemperaturen von Staffelsee und Riegsee

Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Wassertemperaturen der beiden größten Badeseen rund um Murnau und dem Blauen Land - dem Riegsee und dem Staffelsee. Sie zählen zu den wärmsten Badeseen in Oberbayern

Die Wassertemperaturen werden mehrmals wöchentlich aktualisiert.


Lake Staffelsee

The Staffelsee enjoys great popularity as a swimming lake. Its water is mild, contains moor mud and heats up quickly. Regular purity measurements guarantee good water quality. Ice skaters, ice hockey players and Bavarian curling enthusiasts enjoy the huge frozen surface in the winter.


Lake Riegsee

The Riegsee is located only a few kilometres east of Staffelsee. It is also a warm swimming lake with excellent water quality and a unique view of the mountains.


Lake Froschhauser See

This little moor lake is separated from Riegsee only by a road and is located in a nature reserve.


Boat trips

In the immediate vicinity you have the choice between six lakes which invite you to take a boat trip.