Lake Staffelsee

The Staffelsee enjoys great popularity as a swimming lake. Its water is mild, contains moor mud and heats up quickly. Regular purity measurements guarantee good water quality. Ice skaters, ice hockey players and Bavarian curling enthusiasts enjoy the huge frozen surface in the winter.

Lake area: 766 ha
Length of shoreline: 18,290 m
Greatest depth of the lake: 35 m
Altitude above sea level: 648 m
Circular walking tour: 22 km

7 islands give the lake its special character:

  • Wörth, the largest island, features a farm and a small church as well as archaeological excavations
  • Buchau, camping site
  • Große Birke
  • Kleine Birke
  • Jakobsinsel
  • Gradeneiland
  • Mühlwörth (also called Rabeninsel)

The neighbouring municipalities are Murnau, Seehausen and Uffing.

Island of Wörth

freely accessible / always open

The island of Wörth is the largest of seven islands in Lake Staffelsee.


Fishing at lake Staffelsee

Anglers appreciate the Staffelsee for its variety of fish and its scenic attraction.


Hike - Staffelsee circular route

Hiking trail | medium

 20,7 km  6:15 h  160 m  160 m

Cycling tour - Murnau - Bad Kohlgrub

Cycling | easy

This great tour around the Staffelsee can be easily managed with trekking bikes, because it takes place on asphalted roads and forest roads.

 35,3 km  3:00 h  283 m  281 m