Murnau Moor

The Murnau Moor (Murnauer Moos) stretches from south of Murnau to the town of Eschenlohe and westward towards the town of Grafenaschau. It is unique in Central Europe in terms of its size and completeness, landscape forms as well as its flora and fauna.

Many species of animals and plants threatened by extinction also have a protected habitat here. Thanks to intensive conservation efforts, the Murnau Moor remained largely spared from drainage measures. It was recognised as a protected area as early as 1927, but only designated as a nature reserve in 1980, with a core area of about 23 km². Today it is the most important and pristine moor area of the northern Alpine foreland. The German Federal Government acknowledged the national importance and provided subsidies which were paid until 2003. Follow-up funding through the Rural Development Office (Amt für ländliche Entwicklung) continued until 2013.

The extraction of litter and peat cutting played an important role up until the second haft of the 20th century. Rock mining on the series of hills known as “Köcheln” or “Kögeln”, which pursued since the 19th century, was finally discontinued in 2000.

Anyone seeking recreation will find tranquillity and relaxation on the marked circular hiking trail (12 km).

Visitors can get to know the Murnau Moor better during our guided tours.

Plants in the Murnau Moor

The various habitats generate surprisingly diversified vegetation: the enormous species diversity is possibly record-breaking. Over 800 ferns and flowering plants populate the area. Depending on the siltation zones, they emerge in fens or low-level moors as well as in transitional or raised bogs.


Panoramic view of the Murnau Moor

You can get an unforgettable view of the Murnau Moor and the alpine panorama of the Wetterstein Mountains in the interactive view.


Hike - Moor - circular route

Hiking trail | easy

Hardly any tour around Murnau am Staffelsee offers more intact nature than the well-known and popular Moor circular route.

 12,1 km  3:00 h  104 m  104 m