Plants in the Murnau Moor

The various habitats generate surprisingly diversified vegetation: the enormous species diversity is possibly record-breaking. Over 800 ferns and flowering plants populate the area. Depending on the siltation zones, they emerge in fens or low-level moors as well as in transitional or raised bogs.

© Das Blaue Land / Simon Bauer
  • Flowering calendar
    Globeflower (May - June)
    Siberian iris (May - June)
    Marsh orchids (May - June)
  • Meadow area in front of the "Langer Filz"
    Siberian iris (May - June)
    Fringed pink (June - July)
    Corn lily (August - September)
    Willow gentian (Aug. - Sept.)
  • Raised bog
    Hare’s tail cotton grass (May - June)
    Cranberry (flowering time: May - June)
    Bog rosemary (flowering time: May - June)
    Sundew (flowering time: June - July