Uffing Museum of local history

An accompanying exhibition was accommodated in the Uffing parish community centre for Uffing’s 1250th anniversary and thus heralded the start of the history of the Museum of Local History.


The search for suitable presentation rooms for the props and costumes exhibited in the festive procession and the remaining exhibits began after the festive event. The old fire station served as an exhibition room until 1995. Uffing opened its own Museum of Local History in June 1996.

A permanent exhibition with manual and farming implements from Uffing and Schöffau, as well as mementos of the history of Uffing has been located on the first floor since this time.

The old model of the village that depicts Uffing around 1706, and was created by master tailor Josef Mayer for the 1250th anniversary, is particularly beautiful.

Alternating exhibitions are repeatedly held on the ground floor. There is also a permanent exhibition featuring artists from Uffing there.

The Museum of Local History has a permanent place in the community’s cultural life and is gladly visited by guests and locals.


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