Mountain tour - From Hörnle to Große Aufacker

Mountain tour

Tour via the popular pre-alpine mountain "Hörnle" and beautiful grassland hillsides to Aufacker!

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  • Type Mountain tour
  • Difficulty hard
  • Duration 6:00 h
  • Distance 13,1 km
  • Ascent 918 m
  • Descent 1004 m
  • Lowest point 834 m
  • Highest point 1501 m
This very long mountain hike starts at the “Kurhaus” railway station in Bad Kohlgrub. From the parking area at the end of the town, you cross the road and walk back towards the centre of town. After a few metres, the road turns off to the right into the “Obere Kurgebiet” (upper spa area) and towards the bottom station of the Hörnle cable car. Follow this uphill and eventually pass a small chapel on the left in order to branch off to the right towards the district of Sonnen. Passing through the Kohlgrub district the route continues on the “Winterweg” (winter trail) uphill towards the Hörnle (sign marked 18a). The trail leads over meadows and a short stretch over the ski slope to the Hörnle Hütte.

The route from the hut continues uphill in a southern direction to the peak known as “Vordere Hörnle” and in a slight up & down stretch via the “Mittlere Hörnle” to the “Hintere Hörnle” (sign marked 18b; from Hintere Hörnle the sign is marked 19). Here the route continues past “Schatzloch” towards “Stierkopf” and continues downhill to the“Drei Marken”. Disregard the trails which lead left to Grafenaschau or right towards Unterammergau. Continue to follow the trail straight ahead, in order to branch off to the left after a few metres towards “Rehbreinkopf/Große Aufacker” (sign marked 19).

The route continues slightly uphill around the Rehbreinkopf. The trail branches off again at a clearing. Stay to the left and hike into the forest, where the trail ascends slightly (sign marked 19b). On the edge of the forest the trail leads uphill towards the Große Aufacker. Here the cross on the summit and a bench with a view towards Oberammergau and the Kofel invite you to take a rest.

Descent: From the summit, the route is only a few metres back, and then it continues through the forest in the left direction of Oberammergau. You hike underneath and past the Geschwandkopf. A forest road is crossed at a bench, and then the route continues down to the valley through the dense forest. You cross a forest road once again, and then you hike on a steep grassland hillside towards the valley. At the end of the hiking trail you will reach the parking area of the Wellenberg swimming pool in Oberammergau. There you keep to the left and hike the last two kilometres through Oberammergau to the railway station, where you can return to Bad Kohlgrub by train. When returning to Bad Kohlgrub, please note that the train only runs every hour.

Opportunity to stop off for refreshments: In Oberammergau there are numerous opportunities for a leisurely stop off for refreshments. But there is no opportunity to stop off for refreshments between Hörnle Alm and Wellenberg in Oberammergau.

There are several possibilities to shorten the route for this tour: Anyone who rides up the Hörnle with the cable car can start the hikes as described here. So the time is shortened by about an hour. Anyone who is underway with two cars can park one car in Oberammergau at the Wellenberg swimming facility and park the second car in Bad Kohlgrub. With this variation you save the way to the railway station in Oberammergau as well as the train trip. The tour is shortened by about two hours with a combination of both variations.

Mountain boots

Backpack with snack and beverages

Functional clothing (depending on weather conditions)

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Possibly hiking sticks

Other personal items

In case of emergency, please notify the nearest rescue coordination centre. Regardless of location, you can reach this throughout Germany under the telephone number 112.
From Munich via the A95 motorway and St2062 state road as well as from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via the federal highways B2 and B23.
Train station Bad Kohlgrub

Please note: guests in “The Blue Land” and the “Ammergau Alps” regions can park free of charge at a variety of municipal parking areas (maximum parking time may not be exceeded) with the electronic guest card or the KönigsCard.

Guests in “The Blue Land” and the “Ammergau Alps” regions can use a variety of bus lines free of charge with the electronic guest card or the KönigsCard. You can obtain further information at:
BY Blatt 7 Ammergebirge Ost, Pürschling,Hörnle Bayrisches Landesvermessungsamt 1:25000 UK L31 Werdenfelser Land Bayrisches Landesvermessungsamt 1:50000

Map and arrival

Elevation profile