Long-distance hiking trail – Meditation Trail, 1st stage (Bad Kohlgrub - Murnau)

Long distance hiking trail

Bad Kohlgrub – Sprittelsberg – Ähndl – Lourdesgrotte – Murnau (Kultur- und Tagungszentrum)

  • Type Long distance hiking trail
  • Difficulty medium
  • Duration 5:25 h
  • Distance 17,5 km
  • Ascent 263 m
  • Descent 435 m
  • Lowest point 625 m
  • Highest point 857 m
From the Bad Kohlgrub railway station: We follow the footpath westwards alongside the tracks, cross a road and follow the footpath further to the trail sign “Waldschlucht”, branch off to the right through the underpass and after that immediately keep to the left again. We follow the narrow road for a short stretch and branch off to the left before the playground onto the little footpath. We walk uphill, reach Kehrerstraße and walk to the right until we come to the trail sign “St. Rochus-Kapelle” (St. Rochus Chapel) on the left. We branch off on this trail and can already see the chapel.

Hike from the St. Rochus Chapel in Bad Kohlgrub to Murnau: We follow the path over the large meadow and over the “Rochusfeld” (trail no. 6a) and keep to the left at the next little narrow road. Passing several farms, we follow hiking trail 8b in the direction of Hinterkehr. The path leads through a meadow, and then to the right along a garden fence. We continue to keep to the right, walk down the narrow road and through Hinterkehr. After that, in a sharp left-hand bend we follow the trail sign “Schöffau 5.5 km”. Shortly after we have passed a farmhouse to our left, we branch off sharply to the right and walk uphill to reach Vorderkehr. We follow the switchbacks in the trail and pass by the little chapel to our right. Shortly after that the path leads downhill and we have a wonderful view of the Staffelsee with the mountain chain in the background. After several bends a small path towards “Sprittelsberg” starts on the right side next to an agricultural building. We follow this path, and shortly after that we reach a road and walk to the left. Where the grove starts we continue to walk straight ahead and follow the sign “Sprittelsberg 1.3 km”. Shortly before Sprittelsberg we cross a stream, come upon a road and follow it uphill to the right. We can already see the houses, and at the first farm we immediately branch off to the left. Self-produced cheese from Agathe Fischer is available here. The trail leads us past the farm, and then we come upon a narrow road and follow it to the left. At the sign “Staffelsee 3.0 km, Murnau 7.5 km” we branch off to the left and follow the forest trail through the forest, until shortly before the Staffelsee we come across a trail that we follow to the right, and immediately after that we branch off to the right again in the direction of Westried. We stay on this forest trail and eventually come to a tarred road, walk to the left at the fork and reach the connecting road between Murnau and Bad Kohlgrub. We branch off to the left onto the footpath next to the road, cross the road (caution: traffic!) after a few metres and continue our way on the opposite side along Ammergauer Straße. After a few metres this leads to a footpath that leads over the tracks of the Oberammergau railway line (caution!). After that we continue to walk to the left and are now in Moosrain. We follow the road until the “Moor circular route” branches off to the left; we follow this route, and in the next bend we come to a footpath with the sign “Ramsachkirche 40 Min.” (Ramsach Church). We walk on this footpath through a small alluvial forest and then emerge on the Murnau Ridge with a wonderful view of the Murnau Moor and the surrounding mountains. After that the trail crosses the tracks (caution!), leads to the right towards “Ähndl” and along the railway tracks until it crosses these tracks again (caution!), and continues on the other side. Once again we have a wonderful view of the moor and the entire landscape, framed by the mountain ranges of the Ester Mountains, Wetterstein Mountains and Ammergau Alps. A stele and benches invite us to linger here.

Stele 1: Murnau Moor Soon before the footpath leads to a wider trail we pass an “information & viewpoint barn” that was set up along the trail in the summer of 2011. After that we keep to the right and then immediately to the left again towards the Ramsach Church (“Ähndl”). We follow the trail, which later becomes a road used for agricultural purposes. From far away we can already see the little church, the landmark of this village for centuries. Opportunity to stop off for refreshments: “Gaststätte Zum Ähndl” (tel. 0 88 41/52 41; closed on Thursday). A stele for rest and contemplation awaits us within the enclosure of the little church.

Stele 2: Ähndl To continue we turn to the footpath through the little alley of birch trees, follow it uphill and walk a stretch along a ridge until we reach an old alley of oak trees. At the end we branch off to the right into a little alley of birch trees. Where the alley ends we follow the trail sign “Lourdesgrotte” (“Lourdes Grotto”), at first to the right and shortly after that on the footpath to the left. The grotto built in 1893 was incorporated in the list of historic buildings and monuments in 1999. A stele and benches await us for lingering.

Stele 3: Lourdes Grotto When leaving the grotto we choose the same path on which we arrived. Where the footpath meets the road again, we first of all walk to the right and then branch off to the left onto the alley of birch trees. We follow this alley to the end, walk to the right again and shortly after that branch off into the footpath through the old alley of lime trees. We cross the railway tracks (caution!), keep to the left shortly after that, take a few steps and are in the Kulturpark (Culture Park). Now we can already see our destination for today, the Murnau Culture & Convention Centre with the tourist information office and accommodation office.

In case of emergency, please notify the nearest rescue coordination centre. Regardless of location, you can reach this throughout Germany under the telephone number 112.
From Munich via the A95 motorway and St2062 state road as well as from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via the federal highways B2 and b23. 
Train station Bad Kohlgrub

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