Long-distance hiking trail - Meditation Trail, 5th stage (Ohlstadt - Eschenlohe)

Long distance hiking trail

From Ohlstadt via the Marian Grotto, Boschet Chapel, Heuberg and the Asamklamm gorge to Eschenlohe.

  • Type Long distance hiking trail
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 2:50 h
  • Distance 9 km
  • Ascent 322 m
  • Descent 330 m
  • Lowest point 660 m
  • Highest point 807 m
Before we hike any further today, we pay a visit to the Marian Grotto in Ohlstadt. It is hidden behind the St. Laurentius Church. In order to find it we walk through the cemetery around the church and find a passage in the wall in the eastern corner. By means of two stone stairs we can access the facility and walk around the grotto. According to the chronicle in the hand-written notebook from Pastor Schlintmann it can be read that it was built “from March to September of 1910 through voluntary donations”. It is still visited by locals as a place of silent prayer and intercession. It is a good spot to start the day and a new stage of the trail. The village church also invites hikers to enjoy a visit. It was mentioned for the first time as early as in the year 1085. The former church burned down in 1702, and the consecration of the present-day church took place in 1762. For sixty years the little “Fieberkircherl” chapel had to serve as a surrogate for the village church. Back on Hauptstraße, we follow this road to the left, walk to the right past the maypole onto Heimgartenstraße, follow it and then continue to walk straight ahead onto Wankstraße. The route goes slightly uphill and the road forks in front of a bridge. We keep to the left and come upon the “Rundweg Kaltwasserfälle” (“Cold Waterfall circular route”). After the gate we follow the little footpath uphill. At the “Ramm” junction we continue walking to the right, and shortly after that we have a wonderful view of Ohlstadt, the Murnau Moor and the entire surrounding countryside. The starting place for the natural ice track used by the famous Ohlstadt bobsleigh specialists was here in former times. A small ski lift is in operation here in the winter. We follow the trail along the hill, past the war memorial and reach the Ohlstadt sports field straight ahead. We come to a forest road and follow the sign “Eschenlohe über Heuberg 5.8 km” (“Eschenlohe via Heuberg: 5.8 km”). After about 200 metres we walk through a gate and reach a pasture for cattle. We follow the forest road until a small footpath emerges on the right with the trail sign “Boschet-Rundweg” (“Boschet circular route”). While we follow this path a stretch through the “Buckelwiesen” and a small grove of trees, we already see the “Boschet Chapel” with five wayside shrines emerging. It was built out of gratitude because the Swedes had spared the village and inhabitants during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48). When anthrax raged among the animals in 1874, farmers made the solemn promise of an annual procession in the chapel and the epidemic ceased. A stele and a bench invite visitors to linger. When we look through the little window in the door, we discover a “Black Madonna” with Child on the right next to the altar.

Stele 10: Bosket Chapel We continue walking southwards a small stretch along the trail on which we just came, but now stay straight ahead and walk to the left at the next fork in the trail. We still keep to the left and come back to the forest road from which we branched off beforehand. We follow the forest road to the right for approx. 5 km in the direction of Eschenlohe. Here we hike through forested terrain, which is very pleasant on particularly hot summer days. Outside of Eschenlohe we come upon a road and follow it to the left in the direction of the “Asamklamm” gorge. After a few hundred metres we follow the sign on the right “Asamklammsteg” (“Asamklamm footbridge”). On a narrow iron footbridge we cross this impressive gorge, which water cascading from the mountainside carved in the rock over the course of thousands of years. On the other end of the footbridge we follow a small path. Where the path meets a trail, we walk to the right and branch off to the right again shortly after that. Now a steep path leads us in switchbacks and over several steps directly inside the gorge. Depending on the time of year and weather, here we experience a roaring torrent or also only a few idyllic puddles. Another stele is waiting for us here next to two benches. Caution: during the winter, especially with fresh snow, it can be that the steep path inside the gorge is not walkable! Then we stay on the upper trail!

Stele 11: Asamklamm Now we follow the footpath on the edge of the gorge. The trail eventually forks towards the exit. We walk up over a few steps, follow the path and shortly after that reach Alpenhotel Wengererhof with opportunity for overnight accommodation (closed on Sunday from midday; tel. 0 88 24 / 9 20 30; www.alpenhotel-wengererhof.de). At the level of the hotel we turn to the right into a meadow path, walk through a gate and arrive at the Eschenlaine stream again. We follow the field path to the left towards the centre of the village, first reach Asamklammstraße, then Krottenkopfstraße, and finally cross the Loisach bridge. In the centre of Eschenlohe we find further opportunities for overnight accommodation as well as various opportunities for refreshments and shopping.

In case of emergency, please notify the nearest rescue coordination centre. Regardless of location, you can reach this throughout Germany under the telephone number 112.
From Munich via the A95 motorway and St2062 state road as well as from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via the federal highway B.
Ohlstadt town centre

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Bus stop: Ohlstadt town centre

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