The municipality of Riegsee includes the three villages of Riegsee, Aidling and Hagen as well as the hamlets of Leibersberg, Höhlmühle, Lothdorf, Guglhör, Perlach and Mühlhagen. Every one of these localities has its own appeal and its special merits.

The holiday area around the Riegsee and the Staffelsee is part of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen administrative district. We do not have the mountains right on our doorstep, but just so far away that we have a wonderful view of the chain of mountains ranging from the Benediktenwand in the east and westward towards the Herzogstand and Heimgarten, the Ester Mountains and the Wetterstein Mountains with the Zugspitze as far as the Ammergau Alps. And yet the mountains are so close that they can even be easily reached by bicycle. Marked hiking and biking trails as well as field and forest trails lead around the Riegsee towards the surrounding villages and to superb vantage points.

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